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03 Apr 2024, 16:22


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Good information, but there is so much more than what has been mentioned.  I would strongly suggest taking a basic or even an advanced photography class.  Most photographers, especially digital photographers don't have a clue about basic photography.  Digital cameras are incredible, but you need to understand how they function, pros and cons.  More importantly understand your subject as well as the computer you're using.  Don't rely on the computer to do everything, it can't.  The computer is only a tool and will only do what or how you set it up.  If you don't see an image there won't be one in the image that you capture when you push the shutter.  When shooting a moving subject know when and where you are going to push the shutter minutes before you do.  There is so much more to it then you think, study other people's work that impress's you when you look at it try and figure out shutter speeds, aperture settings and even lens that were used.  The hardest thing that 90% of photographers NEVER figure out is composition, especially those using digital cameras.  One other thing - never think you are the best - there is always someone that can and will do better than you at any given time.  Respect and enjoy what others have captured; it will improve your photography.  It's really hard for me to explain in a paragraph what has taken my 50 years to learn.  I will end with, if it's not fun don't do it.  If there is no passion, the results will show.  This holds true for anything in life you do!  Have FUN! - Joe Cupido

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Aviation Photography Tips

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Aviation Photography

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