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15 Apr 2024, 10:04


Shop Category Management

It's great to see some items appearing in the new Shops section.

As requested, Shop Owners can now add/edit and delete categories meaning you can now organise all listings in the shop as required and not limited to the initial 5 categories when you first create the shop.

Shops are a great alternative to running your own website and come with their own search facility and personal categories.

More info on shops is here

09 Apr 2024, 19:04


Introducing AircraftSlides Shops

AircraftSlides Shops offer another medium for selling your slides, prints and digital photography 

The big difference with shops is that you can sell multiples of the same slide at a fixed price.  This could be just one slide or a hundred!

Read the FAQ for more info 

19 Mar 2024, 16:04


New Features - Auction Listings New Items and more

Please see the latest New Features and fixes here

14 Mar 2024, 14:12


Don't forget to Leave Feedback

If you have bought or sold items through the site, you can leave feedback on the selling/buying experience. Doing so is optional, but will help other site users gauge the ease of doing business with other site members.

Feedback can be left from the Buying & Selling History pages by selecting the relevent item/s and clicking the Leave Feedback button.

You do not need to enter any feedback message, you can simply use the voting buttons and leave a 'thumbs up', 'thumbs down' or neutral response.

The feedback will be posted to the users profile. In the event of dissatisfaction, you should not leave any abusive or derogatory comments, just a fair summary of why you are leaving such feedback.

Sellers using the invoicing system can leave feedback for all invoiced items very quickly and the feedback will be listed as 'Multiple Items'.

12 Mar 2024, 11:56


Website Update - New Features

The latest version of th site has been updated with some new requested features as follows:

Auction Description - now allows 75 characters

Buying & Selling History  - Now displays the buyer/seller email address for items won/sold

User Profile - Country displayed

Seller Emails - Buyer Name now included with address 

Thanks for all of the feedback to date, I'm looking into the ability to display auction listings in a list view (as an option) as some users have requested this.

28 Feb 2024, 13:58


Search & New Items list Fixes Implemented

I've made some fixes to a few features as follows:

New Items List  - Now orders the new items properly as they are listed

All Live Items now viewable, select from the auctions Menu

Search Page enhanced and examples of how to search for items.

Add Auction - some items exceeding the file size limit through an error message, the site now informs you if the image to upload exceeds the file size limit 

I'll be adding a new feature shortly called 'Tag'.  This will be a new field in Add Auction page that allows a seller to place their own reference for the auction item (it will not be displayed on the Auction page) but it will be viewable in your selling history.  This field will be perfect for you to enter the slide filename or another reference to help you find the auction items for the buyer after auction closure 

26 Feb 2024, 11:07


Website Updated

I'm pleased to announce that the site has been updated successfully.

The site now runs on the fully secure HTTP protocol.  

Please have a look at the website transition forum below so you are up to date and if you experience any issues with the site please post the issue in the forum as I'll be actively monitoring this.

Also please check out the new features forum to get up to speed with any new features.

I have also updated the FAQ which is worth a read if you need further help.

Please also note our new email address is  This replaces which will no longer be monitored.  

The old domain will be repointed to the new website in due course.  You can always access the new website directly at and in the meantime the old domain will repoint here.

I hope you like the new site!


20 Feb 2024, 14:39


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