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Welcome to the Registration page. To register, complete the registration form below, entering all required (*) information.

It is a condition of registration that you supply your full name and address which will be made available to other members of the site when you make a sale or purchase in the close auction emails. Your name and full address is never displayed anywhere on the site.

Once you have entered your registration details you will need to verify your identity either by Credit Card or PayPal Account. You will be asked to pay a one-off account registration fee of 5 Euro. This is simply to allow us to confirm the identity of new members and deter bogus registrations that may be used for fraudelent or marketing purposes.

Please follow the instructions when re-directed to the PayPal website. You will be re-directed back to following successfull verification.

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Hints & Tips

  • Please enter all of the required information. Any missing information will be reported back to you at the top of the page.

  • The County/State and Country information you enter will be visible to other users on the site. Your full name and address information will be made available to sellers you buy from and bidders you sell to.

  • The Username is the name you will be identified by on the site, when either buying or selling. If the Username you select is in use, you will need to choose another Username.

  • Note: Please ensure you enter your email address correctly. Your email address will be visible only to other members of this site on the user profile page.

  • Please select the selling currency that you wish to use if you intend selling items through the site. Each account can only use one selling currency. If you wish to sell in more than one currency, you will need to register a separate account, using a different email address and password. Your selling account will be operated in the currency selected.

  • The Profile box allows you to enter something about yourself and maybee items you have an interest in. The profile is displayed on the User Profile screen.