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 May 31 2021fischerb#2027044Dear Marcus, I have 7 slides waiting for you. So please transfer € 21,75 to my bank account. Grtz, Bob Kind regards, Bob Fischer Hunzestraat 20 7555WB Hengelo OV The Netherlands
 Oct 31 2020catbird#1952114Fast payment, correct buyer
 Oct 29 2020catbird#1952114Hi Marcus, the total for slides# 1950651 and 1942114 is 27,70 (slides+10%+postage) For payment Many thanks Guglielmo
 Aug 11 2020catbird#1924945Many thanks, fast payment. Guglielmo
 Aug 9 2020catbird#1911298Good evening Marcus and thank you for choosing my slides.We have a suspension for 7 slides for a total of 92 euros (including paypal and postage). I will put other subjects for sale but I would like to define for these first. You can make the payment at this address Please give me a quick reply. items: 1911298, 1914730, 1916596, 1917919, 1919151, 1924933, 1924945 Thanks Guglielmo (catbird)
 Jun 28 2020catbird#1911298Hi Marcus The total payable is 21.85 euros (Do 28+ C 47 RCAF) with PayPal included. You have to add 3.50 euros if you want to ship by mail and 7 euros if you want to ship by registered mail. I look forward to hearing from you. My address for payment is
 Jun 21 2020catbird#1914730Hi Marcus and thank you for your purchase: The total is 11,50+4=15,50 Conventional mail or11,50+7,50 if via registered mail. For Payment Many thanks Guglielmo
 Oct 19 2019moncpete#1783570 Sales Invoice Dear Herbote Thankyou for your recent purchase/s via These are summarised below: Invoice Items Item # Description End Date Sale Price 1783570 F-104G MM6527 1990 Sep 29 2019 4.00 USD Sub Total: 4.00 USD Postage: 2.85 USD Total Due: 6.85 USD Payment Instructions You know how this works - postage and Paypal are combined in the same line Thanks again for your purchase Best Peter
 Jul 10 2019ChrisMakSlides#1749926please send 4,70 +6% paypal
 Jun 21 2019Dragnewsaus70#1728033 You won some auctions off me in mid May. I am messaging you to apologize in the delay but I have been quite ill since then and had an extended stay in hospital but am back now. I will be sending you the slides onto you today and hope you are understanding in this and must apologize again. Regards Mark Shields