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 Jan 15 2020Elang#1718141Hello Lenn, many thanks for your bids and my best wishes to you and your family for this new year 2020. Sorry for my delay but I had a lot of trouble with my job and with my son. You won a total of 10 slides for € 51,00. Including p&p (traced priority mail) and Paypal fee, your full amount is € 60,00. Please do not forget, always, your full postal address. Have a nice new day, Sergio
 Oct 30 2018gold#1641034Thank you for the prompt payment, slide will be mailed tomorrow, thank you again.
 Feb 18 2018suffsergeant#1563061Thanks for the very fast payment. slides are allready shipped.
 Jan 8 2014foxtwo#1061633Very recommended buyer, fast and friendly.
 Oct 16 2013Invader#1030046Nice transaction,Thanks