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I have been photographing, trading, buying and selling ORIGINAL kodachrome slides of mostly military aircraft since 1977. Currently my interests are primarily the F4, F100, F105,OLDER C130s AND EC-,RC-,NC-, AND NKC-135s. Operational only. I have never minded a little equipment in the photo, as long as serials and other important details are not obscured. A few military ramp crew, but no civilians or airshow shots. Sunny shots, though there are some exceptions

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 Mar 14 2022fischerb#2120392Please transfer € 11,50 (incl. P&P) via PayPal to Please also send me your address.
 Mar 3 2022fischerb#2118331Please transfer € 20,25 (incl. P&P) via PayPal to Also send me your address! Kind regards, Bob Fischer
 Feb 14 2022danny59#2118188Hi John, I tried 4 times to email you, but they bounced every time. Can you contact me? Thanks
 Feb 2 2022supersabre#2103941Thanks of your quick transaction. Slide will be shipped tomorrow. Regards. Renzo
 Jan 19 2022canon55k#2107389Hi John,, Mail returned twice today. you have won a USAF C130. Perhaps you can email me.
 Jan 11 2022EHSB#2098417Hi John, The mail is send to you came back twice today. Do you have a other email adres? Just let me know and I can send your list with slides you have won on January 10th. Regards, Ton
 Jan 1 2017Elang#1384128Hello John, I try with an old e-mail address hoping to be able to reach you. Please, you had to use my regular e-mail for any news. Here is the scan of the packet that I mailed to you on 09th of December. We had to wait some more days; it happens that a packet arrived to a friend of mine after about two monthes from shipping. Please, inform me on 10-15 days more. Regards, Sergio
 Dec 8 2016Elang#1384128Hello John, I hope to be able to reach you in this way. All your slides will be mailed tomorrow. I tried several ti,es to reach you by e-mail but every time my mails come back undelivered. Have you a different e-mail address that I can use to be in contact with you? Regards, Sergio