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 Dec 3 2023catbird#2287815Hello Philippe the total for slide 2287815 (F 84F) and 2287811 (H34) is 51 euro + 7 for p&P registered mail. Please write me your address. The paypal payment to many thanks Guglielmo
 Oct 14 2023david.hedge#2270345Philippe Please pay for these slides or do you want me to re-sell them? Some go back to MAY !! It is a real effort for me to scan and list now let alone keep chasing you and getting no response. Three years ago I got Shingles to my head and right eye. It is all still very painful and my vision is not good as it scarred my Cornea - glasses will not correct it. So, please pay me now Thanks, David
 Aug 3 2023EHSB#2249798Philippe, Still no payment of 57,50 euro received. If no payment received by August 10th I will cancel all your orders and sell the slides on to other bidders. Furthermore I’ll block you from bidding in the future. Ton
 Jul 20 2023EHSB#2249798Hello Philippe, It seems that all my requests for payment have not reached you. May I ask you to pay your outstanding debt of 57.50 Euro now, I already have more than enough requests sent. Regards, Ton
 Jan 4 2023Elang#2203522Dear Philippe, First of all I wish you and your Family a happy and full of serenity 2023. Many thanks, also, for your interest in my slides and excuse my delay in sending an invoice. You won a total of 141 slides for € 1.185,00,00. Including postage, registered mail, your full amount is € 1.200,00. You can use, as usual, my bank account to transfer the money. Please, do not forget your full postal address. I will mail the packet after the 07th of this month to avoid problems with postal service. All the best and stay safe. Sergio
 Jul 12 2022henkschar#2162462Philippe, I need your address, my database had ben damaged and I lost all my contacts.
 Mar 13 2022Elang#2126529Hello Philippe, Many thanks for your continued interest in my slides. You won 93 slides for € 666,00. Including postage (registered mail), your total amount is € 680,00. As usual you can transfer the money to my bank. Stay safe and have a nice Sunday Sergio
 Nov 28 2021Elang#2076890Hello Philippe, Many thanks for your continued interest in my slides. You won 84 slides for € 608,00. Including postage (registered mail), your total amount is € 620,00. As usual you can transfer the money to my bank. Stay safe and have a nice Sunday Sergio P.S. I was unable to contact you by email
 Feb 21 2021Elang#1906320Hallo Philippe, first of all excuse me for my very long silence to contact you but I had a problem with my old email (Alice) and then with my PC that, for an unknown reason, lost a lot of data and also the file of friends with the information about the won slides. I spent many, many hours to find all the information that I needed to be able to fill all the information for my friends. Now it seems that I'm back to normality (except for COVID 19) and I can contact all the guys that are waiting for their own slides. Hope that you and your Family are well and safe. Last time you won 39 new slides for € 394,00; your total, including postage (registered mail), is € 404,00. As usual you can transfer money by Bank. Please, use my new email address: for any contact and PayPal. Have a nice new week Sergio
 Jun 17 2020catbird#1910979Hi Philippe, have you notices? I’ve not your info.
 Jun 11 2020catbird#1910966Hi Pilippe you I've 3 slides for you (T6 Morocco AF, T6 Spanish AF,C47FAE) and the total is 20,27 euro (total + PayPal). If you want priority mail please add 4euro, if registered mail 7,50 euro. My paypal link for payment is Many Thanks Guglielmo
 Dec 19 2019pjc#1802557Hi Philippe, Just a polite reminder that my invoice dated 3rd December for €18.85 remains outstanding. Regards, Peter Connolly
 Jul 30 2019foxtwo#1758288always percect! Thanks.
 Jun 21 2019Dragnewsaus70#1728666 You won some auctions off me in mid May. I am messaging you to apologize in the delay but I have been quite ill since then and had an extended stay in hospital but am back now. I will be sending you the slides onto you today and hope you are understanding in this and must apologize again. Regards Mark Shields
 Aug 14 2018JLB#1573464Hello Phil, Hope you doing fine. I still have here 3 packages with slides for you. This are the slides won in February, March and April. The total for the three packages is 509,01 Euro. Hope to receive your payment soon, so that we can close these auction. Paypal ID = : Kind regards, Jack
 Jun 22 2018spad007x#1597807It would be nice if you stopped bitching about postage and actually paid your invoices in under 30 days. Why does a seller have to be at your mercy and time schedule?
 Jun 11 2018arhowarth#1592178Hi Philippe can you please pay 5.50 for your slide from April to Thanks.
 May 23 2018arhowarth#1592178Hi Philippe 5.50 to when you are ready. Thanks, Alan.
 Feb 13 2018suffsergeant#1559991Thanks for the very fast payment. I send the slides yesterday.
 Sep 4 2017Liftermac#1484845Another smooth transaction from a regular. Thank you very much.
 Aug 17 2017suffsergeant#1487008Very fast payment.Thanks a lot. I send the slides today.
 Jun 12 2017Liftermac#1460495As usual fast payment received from a regular. Thank you very much.
 Dec 16 2016ivanslide#1377890Hello Philippe, I have 16 slides for you for a total of 71 Euro, plus postal tax plus PayPal tax final total to pay is 80,50 Euro. I am still waiting your payment after 30 days! Please pay at As usual I will send you immediately the slides when I will receive the payment. Thanks, Ivan Turniano
 Sep 20 2016maxspooky#1364684Hi Just to advice that Slides have been sent via mail today. Thanks again and hope you will be satisfy with your purchase. Max
 Mar 24 2016lastcall#1319370Paypal to: no fees. Please add. 1€ p.p.
 Mar 13 2016lastcall#1317027Thanks for your interest to my collection. When you pay please add to total 1 euro for shipping. Paypal address Many thanks
 Mar 2 2016wildlifelands#1284038Hi, I have posted several more USAF F-15 from 32nd TFS Regards, Eric