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 Feb 25 2018tiger#1554159Hi Recce, You won two slides from, still only payed for one, or you pay for the other one too, this is my last warning. Cheers,Ronny
 Feb 17 2018tiger#1554159Hello Recce67, you only payed me for the A-7, you also won the Mirage 5 slide, so you still ow me another 13.65 euro. If payed I'll send you the two slides. Cheers , Ronny
 Feb 4 2018tiger#1554159That's two slides you've won, please pay in total 27.30 euro asap, if you bid on slides than you pay for it. Cheers
 Feb 4 2018tiger#1547753Hello Recce67, Second reminder, please pay asap 13.65 euro for the Mirage slide you won, you've got time untill wednesday the 7/02/18. After that the slide will be put on for auction and you will be blocked from bidding. Cheers
 Jan 28 2018tiger#1547753Please pay asap 13.65 euro for the Mirage slide you won from me. Use my paypal : Thanks
 Jan 24 2017fischerb#1401036€ 7,15 to my PayPal
 Nov 26 2015canon55k#1260992PLEASE PAY ASAP FOR THE F117 Thanks
 Nov 16 2015canon55k#1260992Hell0, Sorry to invoice this way but having issues with A/S invoicing. Total cost for the above is 13.20 euro this inc postage and paypal fee. Paypal is Regards and Thanks
 Oct 3 2013whitecat#1035011TOTAL 8,80 EURO BY PAYPAL PLEASE