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 Sep 8 2020catbird#1930582Ok payment ok. All the best
 Sep 8 2020catbird#1930582Ok payment ok. All the best
 Aug 7 2020catbird#1924926Hi recce67 di you have notices for me?
 Jul 29 2020catbird#1924926Good evening recce 67 and thanks for the purchases. The total to pay for the three slides is € 47.20 including taxes and postage. For payment items: 1924926,1924152,1924100 Guglielmo
 Nov 26 2019JLB#1792575Hello Philippe, I still have here at home some slides won on November 2 Total amount is 18,15 Euro. Paypal address is : Hope to receive your payment soon , so that we can close this auction. Kind regards, Jack
 Oct 8 2019JLB#1780984Hello Philippe, I still have here some slides for you which you had won in July for 8,25 Euro and in September for 77 Euro. So total will be 85,25 Euro. Paypal ID is : Hope to receive your payment soon. Kind regards, Jack
 Feb 25 2018tiger#1554159Hi Recce, You won two slides from, still only payed for one, or you pay for the other one too, this is my last warning. Cheers,Ronny
 Feb 17 2018tiger#1554159Hello Recce67, you only payed me for the A-7, you also won the Mirage 5 slide, so you still ow me another 13.65 euro. If payed I'll send you the two slides. Cheers , Ronny
 Feb 4 2018tiger#1554159That's two slides you've won, please pay in total 27.30 euro asap, if you bid on slides than you pay for it. Cheers
 Feb 4 2018tiger#1547753Hello Recce67, Second reminder, please pay asap 13.65 euro for the Mirage slide you won, you've got time untill wednesday the 7/02/18. After that the slide will be put on for auction and you will be blocked from bidding. Cheers
 Jan 28 2018tiger#1547753Please pay asap 13.65 euro for the Mirage slide you won from me. Use my paypal : Thanks
 Jan 24 2017fischerb#1401036€ 7,15 to my PayPal
 Nov 26 2015canon55k#1260992PLEASE PAY ASAP FOR THE F117 Thanks
 Nov 16 2015canon55k#1260992Hell0, Sorry to invoice this way but having issues with A/S invoicing. Total cost for the above is 13.20 euro this inc postage and paypal fee. Paypal is Regards and Thanks
 Oct 3 2013whitecat#1035011TOTAL 8,80 EURO BY PAYPAL PLEASE