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 Dec 6 2023Winne #2292819Congratulations on your purchase! I currently have other auctions running until the end of December. Would you like to wait until those conclude, or do you prefer to settle your purchases now? Winne
 Dec 3 2023catbird#2288455hello Deniz, the total for slide #2288455 (S2F) is 5 euro + (4 conventional mail or 7 for registered mail) so 9euro or 12 euro. The paymant via PayPal at Please write me ypur correct address Guglielmo
 Mar 7 2022ivanslide#2121756Hello Deniz, Many congratulations for the slides won in Total of the 3 slides plus PayPal plus postal tax is exactly 12,00 Euro. Please use Please confirm me the address where to send the slides. If you are able to send the money within Sunday, next Monday morning I will send you the slides because I will be in day off. Thanks, Ivan.
 Jul 25 2021catbird#2029400Very fast payment, correct buyer.
 Oct 25 2020catbird#1947517Incredibile very fast payment!! Many thanks
 Oct 25 2020catbird#1947517Incredibile very fast payment!! Many thanks
 Oct 25 2020catbird#1948974Hi Deniz, the total for slides 1945055,1947517 and 1948974 is 75euro (slides+10%+3,50 conventional mail) My payment address is Many thanks Guglielmo
 Oct 22 2020Pingu#1943243Very quick payment as usual, thank you. A pleasure to deal with you.
 Jul 9 2020foxtwo#1904559Good transaction, quick payment.
 Jun 24 2020catbird#1914502Hii freebird, Many thanks for your fast payment. To Morrone Morning I will send you the slide. Guglielmo
 Jun 21 2020catbird#1914502Hi freebird and thank you for your purchase: The total is 11,50+4=15,50 Conventional mail or11,50+7,50 if via registered mail. For Payment Many thanks Guglielmo
 Jul 10 2019ChrisMakSlides#1749465please send 8,70 +6% paypal
 Feb 20 2018suffsergeant#1563136Danke für die megaschnelle Bezahlung.
 Sep 10 2017DUTCH1963#1494697thanks for the quick payment!
 Jul 27 2017Liftermac#1471156As usual fast payment received from a regular and another smooth transaction. Thank you very much.
 Jun 9 2017Liftermac#1459604As usual, fast payment received from a regular. Thank you very much.