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 Jun 16 2021spad007x#20256366 weeks ago you won a slide for 4 Euro's - I have attempted to contact you on multiple occasions. You don't even have the common courtesy to respond. If you can't pay for slide(s) maybe you should take up a new hobby. May I suggest basket weaving. You are now banned from bidding on my items.
 Jun 6 2021spad007x#2025636Michel , I sent you numerous requests for payment of this slide. You have not even bothered to respond. Is there a problem i should be aware of?? tem # Description End Date Sale Price 2025636 Hunter F58 J-4064 SWISS AF May 9 2021 4.00 EUR Sub Total: 4.00 EUR Postage: 3.60 EUR Total Due: 7.60 EUR
 Aug 8 2020ChrisMakSlides#1923463Hi,Please pay 6,70+5%paypal Thanks Chris Mak