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Description : 507-21 PA-17 Vagabond G-BDVA. 1978
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  • Seller : joop.degroot
    Auction Started : Wednesday, Sep 21 2022 18:10
    Auction Ends : Wednesday, Oct 12 2022 18:10
    Time Remaining : 17 Days, 2 Hours, 17 Minutes, 2 Seconds
    Current Bid : No Bids
    Next Bid : 1.50 EUR
    Buy Now Price : 2.50 EUR
    Winning Bidder : ---
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    Auction Currency : Euro
    Payment Methods : Cash: Bank Transfer: PayPal
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    Shipping : Buyer Pays
    Quality Indicators
    Slide Quality : No Defects: See Comments
    Other Information
        not kodak - Payment by PayPal please add 10% - Winner pays EUR 2,00 for P/P up to 3 slides and EUR 3,50 over 3 slides based on standard letter rate. Buyer assumes all the risks of loss in the mail - If you prefer shipment according to new postal regulations p&p costs will be considerably higher. Please contact me first for the actual p&p costs for your region - Copyright remains with photographer

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