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Summary Information
Description : Harrier T.8 ZD993/VL-723 Royal Navy live weapons !
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  • Seller : Aviationslides
    Auction Started : Wednesday, Jan 10 2018 15:05
    Auction Ends : Tuesday, Jan 23 2018 18:44
    Time Remaining : 1 Days, 11 Hours, 53 Minutes, 2 Seconds
    Current Bid : 6.00 EUR
    Next Bid : 7.00 EUR
    Buy Now Price : ---
    High Bidder : legsy
    Payment Information
    Auction Currency : Euro
    Payment Methods : Cash: Bank Transfer: PayPal
    Other Information : Please wait till having received invoice before paying. Paypal 7% over total
    Shipping : Buyer Pays
    Quality Indicators
    Slide Quality : Kodachrome: Very Minor Mark
    Other Information
        MORE AFFORDABLE SLIDES ON OUR WEBSITE WWW.AVIATIONSLIDES.COM PM = Plastic Mount, CM = Cardboard Mount, OM = Other Mount. Please wait with paying as I will send Invoice with total or mail me. Shipping 1-3 slides 1,50 euro, 4 or more slides 2,50. This is for unregistered priority airmail and we are NOT responsible for loss. If you prefer registered and/or insured please let me know.
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    legsyJan 11 2018 15:076.00 EURManual Bid
    Blicky2000Jan 11 2018 07:595.00 EURManual Bid